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All school photos have now arrived and orders must be submitted with your payment by Tuesday, Dec. 1st. For more information, please contact Westshore Learning Centre at (250) 391-9002.


Christmas Market Square 2015 Poster


A Christmas Celebration 2015 Poster




Noon Hour Supervision Assistants

These are school district paid positions, whereby adults are hired to assist schools in supervising students. Qualified candidates must be a holder of a valid Standard First Aid Certificate or willing to get it at their earliest possible convenience. The hourly rate of pay is $21.34.

If you think you might be interested in applying, please complete a nonteaching application form which you can obtain from the school district website at www.sd62.bc.ca and forward it to Dawn Coughlin at the School Board Office, 3143 Jacklin Road, Victoria, BC, V9B 5R1, dcoughlin@sd62.bc.ca.


Students will be dismissed on Thursday, November 19th at 11:45am to allow for Parent Teacher Interview Conferences. The schedule(s) for Parent – Teacher Conferences are as follows:

WestShore- Colwood Campus – 2139 Sooke Road (250 474-2505)

Drop in Appointments from 12:30pm-6:30pm – 6:30pm-7:00 by appointment onlyIf a parent wants to meet within this window – you must call the office and book the appointment by noon on the 19th)

WestShore – Langford Campus – #101 – 814 Goldstream Avenue (250 391-9002)

Drop in Appointments from 12pm – 5pm

WestShore – Sooke Learning Centre – #103 – 6672 Wadams Way

Drop in Appointments 12pm – 5pm

Friday, November 20th is a Professional Development Day and there will be no classes in session.

Letter to Parents – Term #1 Report Cards – November 16 2015


November Exams MUST be booked in advance through the WestShore Office.




November 2nd



English 12

Science 10


Room 204



November 2nd



Social Studies 11

Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 10

Foundations & Pre-Calculus Math 10



Room 204



November 3rd



English 10

Communications 12



Room 211




Dear Staff and Students,

Be sure to mark your calendars as picture day will be coming soon to Westhore Centre’s Family of Schools. The dates are as follows:

Picture Day for the Colwood Campus is Thursday, November 5, at 9:00 am.

Picture Day for the Langford Campus is Tuesday, November 10, at 9:00 am.


Paul Block
District Principal of Adult and Alternative Learning – SD #62


September 29, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Each year we remind parents about the dangers of allergies and anaphylaxis. To ensure the safety of students and staff, all SD62 schools are allergy awareness schools. In accordance with the British Columbia Anaphylaxis Protection Order, parents, students, all school staff and the school community must be made aware of, and comply with, the District’s C-429 Anaphylaxis Policy and Regulations.

If your child has severe allergies and/or anaphylaxis, please contact your child’s principal to fill out an
action form.

Anaphylaxis is a sudden, severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that can be caused by a number of different foods, perfumes, medications, insect stings and other environmental substances. An anaphylactic reaction can be rapid and deadly, developing within seconds of exposure.

The safety of anaphylactic children in a school setting depends on the cooperation of the entire school community. As the occurrence of serious allergies continues to increase, it is essential that schools enter into a partnership with parents and medical professionals to protect anaphylactic children from potential tragedy.

We ask that parents respect that various students attending our schools have potentially fatal reactions to numerous foods and other products, and ask that you kindly consider this when sending certain foods to school in your child/children’s lunch. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions related to the type of products to which students in your son/daughter’s class may have an anaphylactic response.

We hope to be able to strike a balance between the right and convenience of all students to eat what they like and the allergic child’s right to relative safety in the school setting. Please join us this Wednesday at an Anaphylaxis Awareness event sponsored by SPEAC.

Date: Wednesday, September 30 Time: 7-8:30 p.m.
Location: Belmont Secondary School, 3041 Langford Lake Rd.

Jim Cambridge Superintendent of Schools


For any students wishing to use the Storefront Assistance at Goldstream, the schedule is now available here:

Storefront Assistance Schedule 2015-2016