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The Science department at WestShore, Langford Campus hosts a variety of online options for students grades 8 thru 12.

Courses thru Juan de Fuca Distributed Learning at *WestShore Langford:

  • Science 8, 9, 10
  • Science & Technology 11
  • Biology 11 & 12

*Online Only, adults and school-aged students

BYTE Alternate Program at WestShore Colwood Campus hosts a variety of Science course options for school-aged students, grades 9-12.

Courses thru BYTE Alternate Program, *WestShore Colwood Campus:

  • Science 9, 10
  • Earth Science 11
  • Science & Technology 11

*School-aged students only, face-to-face classes

These classes are designed to prepare you with the skills to be successful, as our teachers utilize a variety of teaching and learning methods to meet all learners’ needs.