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  • Grade 8: (Only available to SD62 Students) Math, Science, English, Social Studies
  • Grade 9: (Only available to SD62 Students) Math, Science, English, Social Studies
  • Grade 10: Physical Education, Science, English, Social Studies,
    Foundations of Math & Pre-Calculus,
    Apprenticeship & Workplace Math, Career & Life Education
  • Grade 11: Active Living, Biology, Physics, Chemistry,
    Social Studies, English, Science & Technology,
    Pre-Calculus, Foundations of Math,
    Apprenticeship & Workplace Math,
    Family Management
  • Grade 12: Active Living, Physics, Biology, Chemistry,
    Pre-Calculus, English, Communications,
    Physical Education, Foundations of Math,
    Social Justice,  Family Management,
    Career & Life Education, Writing, First Nation’s Studies