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For new Students not presently attending a high school in BC, and Adults looking to upgrade:

  • Make an appointment with Carly Groot or Susan Coates (250) 391-9002.
  • During appointment, complete and sign a Student Learning Plan with an advisor
  • Show proof of age and BC residency (BC Driver’s License, Passport, Photo CARE Card, BC ID, Utility bill)
  • Bring in all required documentation including report cards, transcripts, certificates as well as work-related training and a current resume
  • Pay any fees and text book deposits for the courses enrolled in (Book deposits and calculator rental fees are refunded once the books/calculator are returned)
  • New online students must also register for the Learning Strategies course and arrange a date to attend the mandatory orientation session

NOTE:  All students under the age of 16 MUST have the Student Parent Roles forms signed by a parent or guardian along with the Student Learning Plan.

Students previously registered with WestShore Centre for Learning & Training:

If your Student Learning Plan is over 1 year, an appointment is required with our advisor to update your records.

Students attending another school:

  • Who want to take another course not available at their current school
  • Want to take a paper-based or online option for a course

A Cross Enrolled Learning Plan is required and must be signed by the home-school counselor as well as the parent / guardian.  All parts of the form must be completed and signed before consideration of enrollment.

*Please note that some courses require a compulsory orientation session. Students are expected to attend the orientation to meet their teacher and receive guidelines for completion. 

What paperwork is involved?

  • School-aged students who are not attending school and wish to enroll full time should call to make an appointment with one of our advisors
  • School-aged students who are still attending another school are advised to speak to their school advisor and complete a Cross-enrolled Student Learning Plan
  • Adults who wish to enroll should call to make an appointment with an advisor and fill out their Student Learning Plan

Student Learning Plan – When you take courses for graduation with JDFDL or WestShore Centre for Learning & Training, you are required to complete a Personal Learning Plan with an academic advisor.  This Plan helps you to set your learning goals and select the courses you require to graduate.  To receive credit for all your previous schooling, please be certain to bring transcripts, resumes, and other relevant documentation when you meet with the advisor.

Withdrawing from a course

Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from a course.  Students must notify WestShore in person, by phone, emailing their teacher or emailing the school if they are requesting to withdraw from a course.  Text books should also be returned when withdrawing to avoid the text book deposit being processed two weeks after notice of withdrawal.

To request a withdrawal:
please email us at westshore@sd62.bc.ca
or call 250-391-9002