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Westshore summer programs are available for School-Aged Students, Non-Grad Adults and Upgrading for Adult Grads. Summer Programs are available in the following formats:

Fast Track Summer School (Face-to-Face sessions)
Paper-Based Courses (Take-home paper packages)
Online Courses (Computer-accessed courses)

Registration Information

There are two forms used to register depending on whether or not you are returning to your current  school in September, 2018.

Students returning to their current school in September, 2018:

  • Meet with your current school counsellor
  • Complete a Cross-Enrolled Student Learning Plan

All final marks for cross-enrolled students will be forwarded to the home school prior to school start-up in September so that any necessary scheduling changes can be made.

All other students NOT returning to their current school or those that have completed graduation:

  • Call 250-391-9002 to make an appointment with the academic advisor at WestShore
  • Complete a Student Learning Plan

All Students:

When registering, students may be required to provide a textbook deposit for some courses. Other courses may include a workbook fee.

*Spaces filled on a first come, first served basis.