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Juan de Fuca Distributed Learning (JDFDL) offers courses online through Open School BC Online Consortium using the Blackboard and Moodle platforms. Students require access to a computer and the Internet to complete much of their coursework, depending on the course. Students who do not have access to a computer can come into our Academic Assistance/On-line Support room which is located at 814 Goldstream Ave. and use the computers.

Storefront Assistance Schedule

School-age students presently attending another high school should make arrangements with their school for computer and Internet access.

For students having difficulty getting access to a computer or the Internet, please contact our office at (250) 391-9002 or speak to our advisor.

Computer Requirements

If you are taking online courses, you will need a computer with a CD drive and access to the internet.
·  Minimum Windows PC requirements: Windows 98, Pentium II, 266 Mhz, 64 MB RAM
·  Minimum Mac requirements: Mac OS 9 G3 233 Mhz 64MB RAM. 128 MB RAM for Mac OS X
·  Software: You may be asked to download additional software from the internet if it is free